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On-Line Homework Website Links

Here are links for those websites for which your student may be assigned homework. Please note that many of these sites offer enrichment activities even if homework is not assigned.

Spelling City then click on 'Student Log-in'. User Name is snj followed by the student i.d. Password is 12345.

XtraMath then click on 'Sign In'. Follow the directions in the letter sent home to establish your student's access to his or her 3E account. You must use the code given in the letter or your child's work will not be recorded and sent to the 3E class folder.

Typing.com then click on 'Student Log-in'. User Name is the student's first name followed by 3e (i.e. tommy3e). Password is 12345.


Go to ThinkCentral then click on 'Sign In'. User Name is the student i.d. number (i.e. 12457).  Password is the student i.d. number followed by an exclamation mark (i.e. 12457!).

Go to Chrome or Firefox. YOU MUST TO SURE THAT NO ONE ELSE IS SIGNED IN TO A GOOGLE ACCOUNT ON THAT COMPUTER. If so, please be sure to sign out of that Google (or Gmail) account! The User Name is the student i.d. followed by @summit.k12.nj.us (i.e. 23456@summit.k12.nj.us). The password is the i.d. followed by ‘sunj’ (i.e. 23456snj)