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What's up for April


Language Arts -
This month, we are exploring narrative non-fiction, specifically by reading biographies. IN the process, we are developing an awareness of obstacles that these figures faced, along with their accomplishments. Moreover, the idea of 'historical context' is being introduced.  We are continuing to hone written reading responses so that students are better able to articulate their reading comprehension in writing. Please make sure that your student is completing his/her nightly reading assignment for his or her Just Right book and fills out the reading log as part of his or her homework. Please check that responses to the log prompts are at least five sentences, and includes text evidence along with an explanation.

In Writing Workshop, we are working on writing realistic fiction stories. These are extensions of ideas about events that REALLY could occur. Students use these stories to further develop their ability to 'write long' with descriptions, word choices, actions and dialogue among other skills.

Computers -
We have begun to learn about computer programming with the introduction of Microworlds, a beginning programming activity.  In addition, cross-curricular computer activities employing educational websites are being done in the lab to support classroom learning in the content areas. Given the upcoming on-line tests to be administered in the district, students are working on keyboarding skills. Nightly practice with Typing Web continues to be essential. Moreover, we are learning about online tools such as highlights. More homework is being assigned through Google Classroom (Quick Checks, current events in Newsela, etc.). The goal is to permit students to become more familiar with thinking about their learning and expressing it electronically. It is very differennt from the way most of us adults learned when we were in 3rd grade!

Math -
This month, we have been working on geometry. We are learning about different types of polygons as well as their attributes. We are also trying to classify shapes by attributes, a new skill. We will soon begin a more in-depth exploration of area and perimeter.

Social Studies -
We are now studying about the Industrial Revolution and Immgration. We have been using student centers to support our learning in this unit of study as well as extensive use of video alouds and 'write arounds'. The culminating activity for this unit will be a Readers' Theater presentation for families!

Science -
Next we begin our unit of study of Chemistry, a perennial favorite in the third grade!  We will study the physical and chemical properties of substances and how they change when mixed with other chemicals.  This unit requires excellent lab skills with close adherence to instructions and cooperation among team partners in order to successfully complete the labs.