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What's up for January



Language Arts -

This month, our unit of study is the book series. Students are reading books at their "just right" level and identifying characteristics of the series. Students are discussing the series literature in a book club setting, developing group discussion skills to support full exploration of the author’s craft and story elements. It's important to learn that 'give & take' with peers!  Please make sure that your student is reading his or her Just Right book and filling out the reading log as part of his or her homework every night. In addition, students are expected to write long upon the completion of any Just Right book along with the weekly reading prompt.  These are always to be done IN THE READING JOURNAL! Check the Reading Recipe for Writing Long in the charts section for helpful pointers.

In Writing Workshop, the students are focusing on writing realistic fiction stories. We are reinforcing small moment narrative skills from the first marking period as well as introducing the story mountain concept for planning a story. We are challenging our students to “write long”, using action, senses, dialogue, and emotion.

Science & Social Studies -

We have just finished the study of joints and the muscle system. This month, we will begin to explore Economics. We will learn about the basic concepts of ‘supply and demand’ as well as ‘needs and wants’.  Students will continue to work with interactive notebooks using the skills of notetaking and making meaning of the content area.

Math -

Topic 6 is now underway with a focus on using known multiplication facts to support the acquisition of facts for multiples of 4, 4, 6, 7, and 8. We will also continue to work on 'complicated' word problems, including multi-step problems. It is vital that math facts be practiced every evening for homework using the XtraMath program to track progress and individualize practice.

Technology -

Cross-curricular computer activities employing educational websites are being done in the lab to support classroom learning in Science and Social Studies.  We will continue to practice keyboarding and word processing skills using Microsoft Word and the Type to Learn program.  Be sure your child practices keyboarding skills every night using TypingWeb.