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What's up for June



This month, we are starting a new intergrated unit of study.  In Reading Workshop, students will be reading non-fiction texts on specific self-selected human body systems for information.  Upon completion, students will write a brief report on the topic in Writing Workshop and teach their specialities to their classmates. For a final project, they will work in small groups to create a life-sized human body diagram to use as part of presentation with their small groups.


This month, we will begin our unit of study for Chemistry, a perennial favorite in the third grade!  We will study the physical and chemical properties of substances and how they change when mixed with other chemicals.  This unit requires excellent lab skills with close adherence to instructions and cooperation among team partners in order to successfully complete the labs.


In Math, we are finishing up our study of Metric Units fof capacity and Mass. Our final topic of study will be Data, specifically line plots, pictogrpahs and bar graphs. We will learn how to read these graphs as well as practice how to create them.


In Computers, we have explored Microworlds, an introductory program that teaches about computer programming. Students have learned how to given commands to the 'turtle' and create moving animations!