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What's up for November



Language Arts -
This month, we will begin our unit of study for non-fiction texts with a focus on informational books.  Students will be learning about text features and how to use them to enhance their comprehension of non-fiction topics.  They will also learn how to organize what they are reading into MAIN IDEAS and SUPPORTING DETAILS. This is also called 'boxes and bullets'. The concept of a CENTRAL IDEA will also be discussed. During this time, you should encourage your child to explore non-fiction texts, such as magazines, newspapers and books at home.  Please make sure your child completes the nightly reading assignment for his or her Just Right book and fills out the reading log as part of his or her homework.

In Writing Workshop, the students will be finishing our unit on Persuasive writing. Next, we will focus on informational writing.  A culminating project will be created before winter break.

Math –
We are wrapping up our study of time, both telling time and determining ELASPED TIME. We will next begin Topic 4: Meanings of Multiplication. We will explore the relationship between addtion and multiplication as a preview for the next unit which is focused on facts.

Science/Social Studies –
We have begun our study of the human body with a primary focus on the skeletal system. Students work in ‘labs’ will become more involved as they collaborate to create paper models of skeletons and complete explorations of how bones move.  Students will continue towork with interactive notebooks using the skills of notetaking and making meaning of the content area. When we finish this unit, we will begin to explore Economics. We will learn about the basic concepts of ‘supply and demand’ as well as ‘needs and wants’.  Students will continue to work with interactive notebooks using the skills of notetaking and making meaning of the content area.

Computer –
Cross-curricular computer activities employing educational websites are being done in the lab to support classroom learning in Literacy, Science and Social Studies.  We will continue to practice keyboarding and word processing skills using MicrosoftWord, Typing Web and the Type to Learn program. Students will also practice their math skills in the lab using the other sites on the Elementary Connections page.