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Word Study Activities - At School & At Home

Here are all your word study activities,
both in and out of school!

Description of Word Study Activities
Open Sort
Visually sort your words according to what words have similar sounds or spelling patterns.
Free Sort
You can choose a sort. You can do Parts of Speech (noun, verb, adjective, adverb), number of syllables, etc..
I'm Thinking of a Word
Choose a word from your stack. Donít let your partner see it! With only ëyesí or ënoí questions about the words traits (such as spelling pattern, part of speech, number of syllables, length, etc.) your partner will ask for clues and try to guess which word from looking at their own sort. The partner can only ask 6 questions!

Cartoon Words
In your WS journal, make a three panel cartoon that uses at least 10 of your words. Be sure to show who is talking and to write CLEARLY.

Read Make Write
With a Word Study partner, read each word study word, make words with letter tiles and then write them in your Word Study notebook. You can your partner can work together or compete to beat the clock!
Word Search
Using the template, put 10 of your words (PLUS your name) on the grid and complete the word search. A partner from your group will correct your work and solve the search for homework.
TALL & small
In Word Study Notebooks, sort your words and write them with VOWELS (A, E, I, O, U) in CAPITAL letters and consonants in lower case letters.
Odd Word Out
Choose four words, three which have the same trait and one does not. For example, you can use the spelling pattern, consonant blends, parts of speech, number of syllables, length, etc. Your partner must find the one which doesnít belong and explain why. NOTICE that sometimes your partner will find a word and reason that you had not thought of!
Homework Activities
Homework: SUOER Sentences
Choose one option.
1) Write 5 sentences with at least 2 word study words in each sentence (10 total).  
2) Write 10 sentences with 1 word study word in each sentence (10 total).
Word study words must be underlined in each sentence. Homework must be written on lined paper and handed in.
Homework: ABC Order
Sort your word study cards and write them alphabetically in a list.
Homework must be written on lined paper and handed in.
BLIND SORT/Practice test
Write your words in a sort using the headings for the week. If you write one incorrectly, please write it 3 times each.
Spelling City
You are assigned 5 activities to complete in 7 school days. Log on to SpellingCity.com and use your personal log-in so your activity is recorded and reported to me.
Word Search
You will solve a word search created by someone in your group. If you see a spelling mistake, be sure to note it!