What's Are We Learning Now?

Reading –

This month, we will finish our unit of study for non-fiction texts with a focus on informational books.  Students are learning new comprehension skills for this genre as well as how to use the comprehension skills already taught. During this time, you should encourage your child to explore non-fiction texts, such as magazines, newspapers and books at home. Be sure to ask "What is the MAIN IDEA of this passage?" and "What are the supporting details for that?"

Continuing with the study of non-fiction text, we will also do some biographical reading. The BUG question we will try to answer is: “What did this person do that made someone want to write a book about them?”

Please make sure your child completes the nightly reading assignment for his or her Just Right book (which will continue to be fiction). Writing long about Just Right reading will continue to be a focus area as well.

LA – In Writing Workshop, the students will be finishing up informational essay writing.  We will also be doing some mini-lessons on grammar and punctuation. Next up is literary essay, an intensive effort to push our thinking about reading. It’s awesome!


Math – We have started studying the concepts underlying division as well as doing computation with division. Word problem attack skills (CUBES) and math fact recall (Karate Math & Xtra Math) continue to be important focus areas for us.  Be sure to practice each night!

Social Studies & Science – We are wrapping up our unit on Map Skills this month with an exploration of hemispheres, longitude and latitude. Our culminating project was a poster and presentation on a US region. Upon completion, we will then begin to study ecosystems.