What's Are We Learning Now?

Reading – Reading Workshop routines and expectations will be reviewed. Key reading comprehension strategies will be reviewed as well. Responding in writing to literature in student journals will begin. Please make sure your child completes the nightly reading assignment and fills out the reading log as part of his or her homework.

LA – In Writing Workshop, the students will focus on narrative writing.  For the first time, they will be working in Writer's Notebooks.  Generating ideas for small moment stories will be practiced. Creating stories with a beginning, middle, and end, as well as “stretching the heart of a story” are focus areas. This work will continue through October.

Math – We will be beginning GO Math with the study of data and graphing, and addition and subtraction within 1000. This math program includes a strong problem solving component which taps into close reading skills. In addition, we are expecting daily practice each evening of addition facts to achieve automatic recall. Please use the XtraMath program at home to faciliate this.

Social Studies & Science – First, we will learn how to set up our Interactive Notebooks, an important tool for helping each student take responsibility for their own learning. Then, we will be starting our unit on Forces and Motion. The Essential Questions for this unit of study are:

  • How do “unseen” forces (i.e. friction, gravity, wind resistance) impact our lives?

  • What forces act on a roller coaster that cause it to move?

  • How does understanding how magnets attract (pull) and repel (push) other objects help us?