What's Are We Learning Now?


This month, we will be working in book clubs with mysteries. This is a new unit of study and we are excited to see what it has in store for 3E! We continue to hone written reading responses so that students are better able to articulate their reading comprehension in writing. Please make sure that your student is completing his/her nightly reading assignment for his or her Just Right book and fills out the reading log as part of his or her homework. Please check that responses to the log prompts are at least five sentences, and includes text evidence along with an explanation.

In Writing Workshop, we are starting up our study of realistic fiction. Much of this will reinforce our prior learning about narrative writing, a worthwhile area to review and grow.


This month, we will wrap up our study of fractions. Next is some exploration of geometry. We will be learning about different types of polygons as well as their attributes. We are also trying to classify shapes by attributes, a new skill. We will then begin a more in-depth exploration of area and perimeter.

Please be sure to study division facts every day. 3E is continuing to work towards our goal of a DIVISION PASTA PARTY once we have learned all the facts!


ECOSYSTEMS! After our great Ecosystem Scavenger Hunt, we will now begin to drill down a bit with a look at honeybees. BUZZZZZ! BUZZZZZ! We will learn why these small creatures are such an important part of our food chain and ecosystem. It is truly AMAZING!